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Hi everyone 💛

This thursday we got up (waay) too early to catch our morning flight to Madeira.

Neither of us had been before, and after getting here, I honestly don't understand why this place hasn't ranked higher at our travel bucket list before... But well, now we're finally here, and soo ready to explore this beautiful island. 😍

The flight from Copenhagen to Madeira is about five hours, which actually surprised me a little - yet looking at a map it does make perfect sense, as Madeira in fact is situated way down from Copenhagen and on the west coast of Morocco.

When landing at the airport, we picked up our car and headed straight to our place on the North coast of the island.

I can definitely recommend you rent a car if you decide to explore Madeira; it is way more convenient getting around by car plus the infrastructure here is really quite amazing, especially when taking the somewhat challenging terrain into account.

When traveling, we both really like to experience local and authentic places - and, if possibly, avoid the way too touristy areas as well. 😊

After browsing around for some good local places back home, we found the cutest little airbnb in a small town called Sao Vicente on the North coast of Madeira, which seemed to have everything we were searching for for this trip. And the fact that the house itself was pink, only made it more eligible. 😉

Due to Madeira's relatively small size, you'll feel surrounded by either mountains or the ocean and definitely lush green vegetation regardless of where you are on the island. That is definitely the case at this cute place; you have the mountains, the ocean very close by as well as a beautiful garden with lots of plants and flowers.

// Entrance to our guest house.

// Guest house balcony.

// Sunny spot.

// Beautiful flowers.

// Bananas on the wall. How cute is this??? 💛

// Surrounded by mountains on each side. 🌄

// Ocean view, although it might be a little hard to distinguish the line between the ocean and the sky, since we so high up in the mountains.

// Water lily.

// Cute message on the guest house walls.

Now, this was just a quick little tour of our place here in Madeira, and I'm soo excited to show you all the things we're going to experience while here. Tomorrow, we'll be doing the Pico Ruivo Mounain hike walk, which should be absolutely stunning - and perhaps also a little challenging. We'll see about that tomorrow. 😉

xx, K


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