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Another hike we did while visiting the beautiful island of Madeira was the Levada Das 25 Fontes, which basically means 25 'springs' or 'water sources'.

It is a really beautiful hike, where you walk in the mountains through the woods towards a beautiful waterfall, which essentially is made up of 25 spring coming down from the mountain.

This hike was definitely another of our favorites, and I'll show you why in today's post. 🙏

As with the Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo-hike we did a couple of days earlier, you drive up in the mountain - passing through the clouds - to get to the starting point.

Further, you will most likely meet these guys, who randomly walk alongside or ON the road really, meaning that you'll have to slow down a little as you approach the starting point. 😊

Locating the parking lot - and starting point itself - may be a little tricky though. At least we were a bit challenged finding it... 😏

The walk itself starts at the so-called 'Rabaçal' cottage house, but this is not where you park your car.

Essentially, there is only one way leading up to the starting point, and that is Road 110. However, depending on which side of the island you come from, you will have to take other roads to get to Road 110...

Either way, Road 110 itself is a really scenic road that takes you (high! 😊) up through the mountains and provides some spectacular views that are definitely worth stopping for.

The parking lot - and the point at which you start descending towards the Rabaçal cottage house, where the hike really starts - is located among the main road (the 110).

There are not that many spots nor any drinks or dining options, so if you're planning on a slightly longer hike, I recommend you bring along some food or snacks and drinks. Lots of water is always recommend when hiking. 😉

We of course also brought our own lunch and found a good spot in the sun close by the 25 Fontes.

This is most likely the first challenge you'll meet as you start descending towards the Rabaçal cottage house.

The road to the starting point is a tarmac road, closed to traffic of course, and is about a 200 meters descent - and climb on the way back.

If you decide to walk, it will take you about a half hour, or alternatively you can take the mini shuttle bus that goes to and from the Rabaçal cottage house. Taking the bus will save you a bit of time and energy to focus on the 'real' hike.

We decided to walk down but took the shuttle back - I can definitely recommend doing that.

In terms of clothing for the 25 Fontes hike, I recommend you bring some warm clothes with you - especially this time of the year (December), as you essentially walk inside the woods and thus in the shadow quite a bit.

Although the majority of the hiking trails of the 25 Fontes hike is located inside the woods, it doesn't become less interesting or beautiful.

You will walk through lots of different and beautiful scenery as you walk from the Rabaçal cottage house to the 25 Fontes.

Occasionally, you will also walk at the edge of the woods, which provides some pretty sensational views of the surrounding mountains.

// Direction signs on the way to the 25 Fontes.

Most of the trails to the 25 Fontes run along the Levada, where Levada essentialy means mini-canals with water running though them, as you see on the picture above.

The hike itself is almost completely flat, making this hike a little easier than the Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo-hike, I talked about earlier.

Also, the track is generally well-maintained, and the potentially scary parts of the route with sheer drops all have steel wire handrails with steel support.

On this hike, as with the Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo, you really have a feeling of being super close to nature. We really made sure to soak it all in enjoy and enjoy it to the fullest.

// Mini waterfall on the way to the 25 Fontes.

// Approaching the 25 Fontes.

Finally here. 🙏 And we were so lucky to have it all to ourselves for some time before other hikers got here. 😍

You can't help but feel soo colse to nature here. 🙏

The mountains from which the fountains spring also form a lagoon, where you can take a quick dip - if you don't mind (really) cold water. I did, but at least one of us didn't. 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post - AND that you get to see this beautiful place for yourself. 😍

Safe travels. ✈

Lots of love and good vibes, K


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