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Dear readers 💛

It's been a while since I did a traveling post, and the reason is that I have been a little in doubt as to whether I should write in English or Danish here on the site... It has been - and still is - a rather puzzling question to me, believe it or not, since I my aim is to reach as many of you in the best possible way. 😊

As you might have noticed, I've been shifting a little back and forth between writing in Danish and English, and even to me this gets confusing at times. Soo, I've been trying to decide which form of language I should pursue - so to say (haha) - and I have come to the the conclusion that (for now at least) I will be writing mainly in Danish, unless I'm doing traveling post and reviews, like this post is for instance. 😊

I hope this makes sense and that you will all still keep reading along - it is very much appreciated at least. 🙏

Well, as you might have seen on my other social channels, Martin and I visited Barcleona (and Budapest) this summer, and I will have to say that Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the entire Europe. I normally don't opt for bigger cities when planning the summer holidays, but if there is one city I can visit at all times of the year, it is undoubtedly Barcelona. I LOVE how this city offers both buzzling city life and the chilled laidback beach vibe owing to its coastline position facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Both Martin and I have been to Barcelona multiple times, so for us this was meant as a complete and utter relaxation vacation that was to be spend mainly on the beach (lucky us). 😍 Therefore this post will not be a full travel guide to the city of Barcelona but more like a little diary depicting the few days we had there.

We stayed at the beautiful H10 Montcada located in the Gothic District of Barcelona, one of my absolute favorite areas of the city that I can highly recommend you visit if you plan to go to Barcelona.

We arrived late in the evening and checked in to this pretty room. It was pitch-dark outside, so unfortunately you can't see the cool view of the Gothic Quarter that we had from here.

// Bathroom.

The coolest feature of this hotel was definitely its rooftop terrace on the 10th floor overlooking most of the city basically. Althoug we prefer the beach, we did spend quite a few hours up here, especially at night when it's a little chillier. We also had dinner up here quite a few times.

How cool is this view? 😍

The rooftop didn't have a pool, but what it did have was a hot tub with cold water, which is definitely needed if you stay up here during day time. 🔥☀

// View of Barcelona Catehdral and the Montserrat Mountains in the background.

// M with his book and morning coffee.

Breakfast at H10 Montcada was as delicious as it looks and had quite a good veggie and fruit selection for a Spanish breakfast - very important detail haha.

Although this wasn't the most excursion packed vacation we've had, we usally started our day with a morning activity One of my favorites was renting a bike and biking around the city, including a trip to Montjuïc, which - despite sometimes literally being an uphill battle haha - is such a beautiful ride and definitely recommend.

At night we usally had dinner either on the hotel's rooftop or, preferably in the room, picnic style. 😍

// Judging from the numerous times I've taken a photo wearing this biniki top, it's safe to safe it was my favorite this vacation. haha. The message is good though; always Good Karma. 🙏

I always look forward to visiting Barcelona again, and this time was no exception. Have you been to Barcelona? Where's your favorite place to stay and what do you like doing while there? 😊 Hope you will all have a great evening. 🌙

Lots of love and good energy,



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