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Hi everyone 💛

Hope you're all having a great day so far. As you might have seen , I'm currently working on transferring ALL my previous - and long-forgotten - blog posts to my new site (this one, yay ☺️), however, in the process I figured that some of them could benefit from a little extra publicity so to say. ☺️

I just stumbled upon this post from early summer last year, where Martin and I visited the - at the time - newly opened Herman K Boutique Hotel, situated in the heart of Copenhagen. I thought it was such a cool place, and definitely one I'd come back to! If not for a night - then for their amazing breakfast, which is THE best I've had in Copenhagen so far. You'll see why later in the post. 😍

The building itself is an old transformer station, now converted into a super-cool and architecturally very interesting boutique hotel.

Upon entering the large glass doors, you walk into a slightly unconventional yet spectacular lobby (and hotel bar) with astonishing 12 meters to the ceiling. Here, your eyes are immediately drawn to a beautiful piece of art hanging in the middle of the room casting its vivid shadows all around it.

Especially at night, the piece really comes into its own - so there's your (one 😉) excuse to enjoy a cocktail in the bar - plus they also make a really good Gin & Tonic, if you're into that type of beverage.

Herman K has only 31 rooms, which is one of the things I really like about boutique hotels; it gives a much more intimate atmosphere, and in some hotels you will almost get the feeling that you're staying in a private home. Also, boutique hotels tend to be a lot more creative in their interior design and decoration of both communal areas but also the individual rooms. AND then there's the foods at boutique hotels, not to forget, which also tend to match the unique and different feel of the hotel itself, resulting in quite different and much more interesting dining options and experiences, if you ask me.

The interior design of Herman K is rustic, cool and unpolished yet at the same time classy and elegant. Another cool feature of the hotel was the fact that all aisles in the building were painted in black and had dimmed lights with the purpose of lowering people's voices, when they walk through. And I'm telling you, it actually works - I was quite surprised, when I realized I had been lowering my voice, as we walked through several aisles of the hotel that day... 👵

We stayed in the penthouse suite of the hotel, which essentially was a two-floor room, meaning we had plenty of space for our 24 hours stay. I mean, how cool is this room? 😍

The room even had its own rooftop terrace overlooking the city. I loove rooftops, so you can only imagine how excited I was. 😍

Although we didn't get to spend more than 24 hours at the hotel, I can already tell I'll be coming back - if nothing else, then for their AMAZING breakfast, which you will HAVE to try if you visit! 😍

HERMAN K's breakfast is definitely one of the best breakfasts I've had. Basically, their entire selection is AMAZING and to top it all off, everything is organic. 😍

You can choose between (almost) anything you like from local bread, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, yoghurts, mueli, cereals, cheeses etc. Plus you can order egg any way you like it, avocado toast, oatmel and other hot selections from the card, which I can really recommend you do.

They also have a gluten- and sugar-free section with locally sourced bread from one of the best bakeries in Denmark, Aurion, plus my FAVORITE cornflakes, C-flakes from Urtekram, which is important if you happen to be absolutely crazy about cornflakes (yes, that's a thing 👵).

Even if you aren't allergic to any of the above ingredients, I'm almost certain you'll like what you find in this section.

I mean, how pretty is this assortment? 😍

We basically opted for trying a little bit of everything, and yes, you will end up with lots of little bowls and plates, but it's soo worth it - and almost mandatory if this is the type of breakfast buffet you're presented with. 😍

You can check out the hotel and book your stay RIGHT HERE, or alternatively, if you just fancy their food, you can also just drop in and enjoy either breakfast, dinner or a coffee in the sun at the hotels hidden garden. 🌾

Lots of love and good energy,



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