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Collaboration with Villa Des Orangers, Relais & Chateaux

As you might have seen from my previous blog posts, we recently visited the intriguing, fascinating but also wild and - at times - rather chaotic North African metropole, Marrakech. For those of you who have already been, you most likely know just what I'm referring to - for better or worse. 😄

We had designed our trip so that we would see as many differnt places as possible, as we had heard from friends and acquaintances that riads really are a must-try experience when in Marrakech. And I must say, the riads we visited certainly lived up to that reputation, including this beautiful place, La Villa des Orangers.

I've said it before in my previous posts about Marrakech, but I'm truly amazed by how there on the streets of the city - and especially inside the Medina - is this constant hustle and bustle going on, yet as soon as you step through the riad's entrance door, you instantly forget about the outside world and somehow get sucked into this magical bohemian oasis, which exists inside basically any riad of the city - at least the five we visited while there. That's quite an amazing mix if you ask me.

Villa des Orangers is located a short 5-10 minutes' walk from the famous market place Jemaa el Fnâ and the narrow souks (i.e. shops), where you can buy all kinds of typical Moroccon items like leather goods, spices, lamps, clothes etc, including the most beautiful carpets, I've ever seen (and yes, we bought one 😍.

I've written about the fascinating Jemaa el Fnâ market place right here in my 8 Things to Do in Marrakech post.

With its 27 rooms, Villa des Orangers was slightly bigger than the other riads we visited during our stay. However, the intimacy and sense of privacy of the place was in no way comprised by the larger amount of rooms; the architecture of the hotel was cleverly designed so that the 27 rooms were divided into three areas each having its own courtyard, just like you'll find in smaller riads.

We were given a tour of the entire place, and like most other riads, the rooms - including the bathrooms - were individually designed and decorated with the most beautiful fabrics, tiles and other cute little bohemian items.

// Bathroom with its own fireplace. 😍

// View of one of the hotel courtyards.

// One of the hotel restaurants.

// Everything-eggplant-dish. 😍

// Towards the Nuxe Spa, where you can enjoy all kinds of different treatments, including massages, hammem and facials in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

// (one of the) nice quiet corners to relax and wind down with a good book.

// Pretty, decorative lamp.

As you see from the above photo, the weather wasn't exactly kind to us for our day at at Villa des Orangers, which meant that we couldn't try the hotel's heated pool, unfortunately... 😒 We did, however, have a great time here and will definitely be coming back in the not too distant future. 😊

Hope you enjoyed this post - and as always, feel free to write me if you have any questions. 💛

Safe travels. ✈

Lots of good vibes and energy, K 💫


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