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Hi everyone,

I hope you've all enjoyed Christmas and that your New Year is off to a great start. 🌟 I personally have a really good vibe about 2019, with lots of exciting projects, collaborations and adventures that I can't wait to share with you. 😍 Buut, more about those later...

Now to a little catching up, as I've been a little absent on the blog lately due to various reasons, but mostly because we've been moving during the holidays. Martin and I moved in together, which is soo exciting 😊, but for some odd reason, I always underestimate how time consuming such practical things can be... Do you know that feeling? And besides that, merging two apartments plus figuring out which stuff to keep also tend to take a little while - but it is, of course, totally worth it. 😍

Our holiday hasn't been confined solely to moving, luckily for us (haha). We did, of course, seize the opportunity to go travel, and preferably somewhere a little brighter (and hotter, admitted 😉) than the current danish weather situation, which is waay too dark (and cold) for both of us during these months...

We initially planned on a more adventurous and active type of vacation for both Christmas and New Year's, but after after moving etc, all we really needed was a relaxing vacation somewhere warm with a beautiful beach and nice water - to just wind down completely and really recharge our batteries for the new year to come.

Soo... what we ended up doing was something neither of us had done for soo many years...

A charter vacation, with all-inclusive, nothing less. 😉

We normally plan all our travels ourselves, and they tend to be pretty active - at least for some part of the day - but this time we just needed a setting that would allow for complete relaxation, and what is better at that than a holiday resort in Sharm el Sheikh, we thought. And luckily it did turn out to be just what we needed.

We left for Sharm el Sheikh on the 31st of December around 6pm and didn't actually know we where going to celebrate New Year's Eve in the air, until we found out that our flight was delayed... So, we celebrated New Year '19 in the air, probably somewhere above the Mediterranean Sea, with no champagne or fireworks, but a lunch pack from Juno bakery - and guess what, it wasn't too shabby at all, I'll have to say. 😉

We stayed at Hyatt Regency, which is situated in the Garden Reef Bay and based on the edge of an aqua oasis overlooking some amazing diving and snorkeling spots, where you can dive with the most beautiful and colorful little fish. 😍 Definitely recommended if you ever decide to go to Sharm.

The hotel itself is quite spacious with more than 400 rooms, which is quite an amount if you ask me. We normally prefer staying at smaller and more intimate hotels, preferably boutique hotels - or go for the Airbnb option, when we want a very local experience - but despite its big size, we didn't have the feeling of being crammed together with hundreds of other guests. 🙏

The interior decorations of the hotel were also really beautiful.

... especially with its subtle and sophisticated pink vibes.

// Cute spot in the lobby.

// Obviously feeling it. 😍

Our room was spacious, nicely decorated and had a lovely bathroom with a hot tub - very important feature when it comes to hotel rooms, if you ask me. 😉 It basically had everything you need from a hotel room plus a beautiful balcony offering an amazing view of the hotel garden and the bay.

... and which definitely also allowed for some balcony tanning (mandatory 😉).

And now to one of the things we loove when traveling; breakfast. 😍 We normally don't have breakfast, as we both do intermittent fasting (which I can definitely recommend you guys try - if you haven't heard about it, I've written about it HERE).

Either way, finding a good breakfast at the bigger hotels is not always easy, probably due to the large number of guests these hotels have to cook for. Buut, breakfasts at Hyatt are different if you ask me; although it's a large buffet style breakfast, their foods are super tasty, well-assorted and clean, especially when considering the amount of guests they cook for.

// Beautiful flower decorations at the hotel.

// Alternative (and pretty cool) path from the hotel to the beach.

Like I mentioned earlier, this wasn't our most active and adventurous vacation, but we did however venture, out a little.

Right next to our hotel, there was this huge dessert like area right by the sea, and morning walks here were just amazing. You basically walk on a big fossilized coral reef, which is quire amazing as you still can see all its structures. We went there three times and not a single time did we see any other people there, giving you a feeling of being far away from all the touristy areas etc that you often find at resorts.

// Secret beach on our morning walk.

Morning walks in the sun has always been a favorite of mine. 😍 Btw, did you know that exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning will help improve your sleep during night-time due to our circadian rhythm (internal body clock)?

// Beautiful (and quite big) sea shells on the beach. I spent hours here looking for little sea shells - and there are MANY I can tell you. 😍

// Cute little bird (attempting to escape me, because I follow him 😂).

Diving in these clear blue waters with so many colorful fish surrounding you is definitely an experience I'd recommend you give yourself when traveling to Egypt.

If you ever visit Hyatt in Sharm, I can definitely recommend you try their spa. It is not the biggest spa I've been to but it has everything you need really, and then I love their decorations.

// Stretching in the gym.

// Ready for a night out.

In terms of excursions in the city of Sharm el Sheikh, there isn't too much to choose from really. You will have to drive at least a couple of hours to see the dessert or hop on a plane if you want to see the pyramids. We actually really wanted to explore the pyramids but decided on activities close by for the times we decided to do something (active) besides lying around by the beach. It was a charter vacation, after all, you know. 😉

We decided to explore the El sahaba mosque, which is basically situated in the city center of Sharm el Sheikh.

... and they won't let you in if you're not wearing knee-length clothes, and since I was wearing something short (as usual 😂), they gave me this one to wear for the tour. 😉

// Beautiful ceiling of the mosque.

If you ever decide to go to Sharm El Sheikh, I can definitely recommend you visit Hyatt Regency. We''re definitely coming back for our next charter vacation, that's for sure. 😍

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to ask me if you have any questions. 😊

Safe flights ✈

Lots of good vibes and energy, K


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